To create the greatest possible economic benefit and value for Somaliland citizens by managing the exploration and exploitation of the country’s petroleum resources in a prudent manner and environmentally safe and responsible way.

Function, Role & Responsibilities

  • Manage Petroleum Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (PEPSA) with the oil companies that are operating in Somaliland.
  • Oversee and monitor petroleum exploration and exploitation activities to ensure compliance with PEPSA terms and with Somaliland’s petroleum and environmental regulations.
  • Initiate, promote and manage geological and geophysical surveys to be completed on all Somaliland onshore and off shore territories to identify, map and delineate the nation’s hydrocarbon resources.
  • Acquire, process, interpret and safeguard petroleum technical data in order to establish a reliable reference and resource for Somaliland’s petroleum hydrocarbon deposits
  • Promote the training and capacity building of Somaliland nationals in all aspects of the petroleum industry operational activities to eventually take up the positions of foreign nationals to the extent possible.

Somaliland Oil Blocks

Petroleum Sector Operations

License Type Status Operator
Block SL-6, SL-7, SL-10, and SL-13 Onshore Exploration Genel Energy
license Type Status Operator
Block SL 9 and SL 12 Onshore and Offshore Exloration Rak Gas
License Type Status Operator
Block SL 7E, SL14 and SL19 Offshore Exploration Ansan