Director of Communication Department


Public Relations & the Media Department is the mirror of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral’s work, as its main function is to coordinate ministry and community, and stands for delivery of performance data and information programs to the community.


To win the hearts and minds of different national resources investors and the general public through the establishment of mutual trust and partnership.


To promote awareness among citizens & investors of the different rules and regulations of the resources and encourage compliance, so as to inform and educate about government service delivery and development priorities.


  • Inform the citizens of the activities of the MoEM.
  • Increase the citizen’s trust in MoEM and build a positive image.
  • Educate & Inform Citizens & investors in compliance with the Petroleum, Mining, and Energy laws and make awareness campaigns.
  • Disseminate and Inform Citizens & Investors of the completed geological and geophysical surveys on all Somaliland onshore and offshore territories.  
  • Enhance public understanding of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation of minerals and energy sectors.
  • Increase the accountability and transparency of MoEM to build trust and partnership.
  • Twice yearly, the department prepares awareness messages, in audio and visual, and disseminates them to the social sites, to inform the public about methods of utilizing energy, mining investment opportunities and exploration endeavors, and  exploitation ways
  • Build good relations with the public.


The department has prepared a communication strategy preparing reports to all departments, monthly, bi-monthly, and annually, and disseminating all departmental information to the ministry's social media and website.